Oil and gas

Electrostatic Precipitator Repair Case Study


At an oil refinery in Texas, an electrostatic precipitator unit was experiencing a decrease in the rapping effectiveness and ineffective gas flow distribution due to material buildup on the plates. Also, several electrodes were broken and grounded in the unit.

Because of the production schedule, bringing the unit fully offline was not an option. High heat, combined with the confined space and cooling cycle, kept maintenance crews from entering the unit due to time and safety concerns.

Technical Assessment

Phoenix High Temperature Repair is an approved vendor for IDLH and high heat environments with a successful history of quickly locating and removing broken electrodes and clearing plates in both the oil refining and power generation industries. Plant management contacted us, and we initiated planning for a precipitator repair.

We mobilized our crews to the plant and immediately established control of the work area. We employed multi-gas (LEL, O2) and heat monitors and required all our crew members to wear proprietary PPE during worksite inspections.

With client management we planned location of the grounds in electrostatic precipitator fields, completed a risk assessment, and made a plan for a repair in a confined space.


Our team entered the electrostatic precipitator unit to remove ash buildup and other foreign materials from the affected plates. We replaced the insulators on the rappers and the damaged or grounded electrodes. Then we brought the electrostatic precipitator into full operation for testing to determine the total functionality of the unit.


The precipitator quickly regained full operational capabilities to function as the facility intended. The client also ended regulation issues and production loss.

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