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Keep Your Units Online with Phoenix High Temperature Repair

Make downtime a thing of the past. Count on us to safely complete repairs, maintenance and inspections in challenging industrial environments.

Online Repairs


Hot & Hazardous Environments

Maintain production with Phoenix repairs, inspections or maintenance in hot & IDLH environments.



Expanding What is Possible

We're Constantly innovating. A wide range of workscopes on a wide range of industrial units are now possible. We'll complete repairs in high heat, toxic or confined spaces, safely and effectively.



Safety Is in Our DNA

Safety is the most important element central to our processes and procedures. Our commitment to safety shows – we've consistently maintanted  a stellar safety record.


We Are Phoenix High Temperature Repair

Save time and avoid lost production when you rely on Phoenix to repair your industrial equipment in high temperature, chemically toxic and confined space environments. Inspiring the impossible, we set the standard in both process and equipment. Phoenix is forward-thinking when it comes to supplying protective gear to keep employees safe. In every job we hold ourselves to the highest standards in safety and performance.

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Our High Temperature Expertise

Our execution team’s cutting-edge technology, rigorous training and extensive experience in working safely in hazardous and confined spaces enables plants to keep their units from coming down and avoiding an industrial shutdown.

Pulp & Paper Plants

Eliminate shutdowns and downtime with online repair and Maintenance for your pulp & paper facility.

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Power Plants

Avoid costly downtime and lost production with high-temperature power plant inspection and repair.

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Petrochemical Plants

Minimize downtime and lost production with online petrochemical plant maintenance and repair.

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Oil Refineries

Avoid shutdowns and lost production at your oil refinery with online repair and maintenance.

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Case Studies

Oil and gas

How a Major Refining Group Saved with Flare Stack Repair

A major refining group was unable to monitor its pilot flame assembly due to an inoperable thermal couple on their flare. This causes a violation of US regulations (Title 40, part 60.18 A-F).

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Oil and gas

Electrostatic Precipitator Repair Case Study

At an oil refinery in Texas, an electrostatic precipitator unit was experiencing a decrease in the rapping effectiveness and ineffective gas flow distribution due to material buildup on the plates.

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Oil and gas

How a Refinery Avoided Downtime with Phoenix Pilot Flare Repair

A Gulf Coast refiner contacted Phoenix High Temperature Repair about a monitoring issue on its primary flare stack. A faulty thermocouple was suspected as the root cause.

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We're on Call 24/7

Our team is always ready to go and can deploy to your job location within 24 hours.

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