Online Flare Stack Repair

Count on online industrial flare stack repair to keep your most important safety system operational.

Why Online Flare Stack Maintenance and Repair?

Phoenix’s on-demand flare stack repair means you can mitigate hazards, prevent shutdowns and complete flare maintenance outside of turnarounds. If you have an emergency need for flare stack repair, our agile team can arrive at your facility within 24 hours.

At each step we follow your HSE procedures, our internal protocols and all federal regulations, so you can rest assured we complete the job properly and safely. Our team has extensive training and experience inspecting and repairing flare stacks effectively in record time. We can replace your flare tip, retention your guy wires, unblock a flare pilot and perform other maintenance tasks to ensure your flare continues to perform as intended. We can also complete inspection and maintenance, so you can avoid a flare stack emergency repair, while your equipment remains online.

Designed to burn off flammable gas, a functional flare stack is essential for pressure relief and removing waste products from chemical & petrochemical plants and oil & gas refineries.         

A malfunctioning industrial flare stack can result in an uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons or other gases, create an unsafe situation and increase pressure or radiation on support structures and surrounding equipment.

We can perform repairs to all parts of a gas flare, including flare header lines, knock-out drums, the flare tip, the pilot, the flare stack and the ignition system.

A number of factors such as weather and time can cause flares to crack, become corroded or become inefficient, necessitating flack stack repairs and maintenance. Our highly trained team will safely and effectively complete your scope of work so your flare functions at full capacity, reliably and consistently.

Call on Phoenix for thorough repairs, not workarounds, so your facility operates at its maximum efficiency.

Flare Maintenance and Repair Services

Our team completes work on all types of gas flares, including self-supporting, derrick and guyed. A non-exhaustive list of our services includes:

Ignition wiring replacement or inspection

Welding banding solutions around damaged stacks

Flare pilot removal or replacement

Flare stack drone inspection

Anti-collision aircraft lights replacement

Stack and ignition gas pipe misalignment, replacement and inspection

Gas line insulation inpection and replacement

Guy wire retensioning, replacement and inspection

Junctions, stacks, lines and components

Thermocouple Replacement

We're on Call 24/7

Our team is always ready to go and can deploy to your job location within 24 hours.

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