Safety is top priority for Phoenix, as is evident from its impeccable safety record, training policies, regulatory performance, and specialized equipment.

Phoenix team members undergo an extensive training program developed by the company that involves a series of programs and certifications as required by a consortium of safety organizations including:

  • ISNetworld

  • Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening

  • Summit Safety Group

  • OSHA

  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)


  • Alere Toxicology


  • DISA Inc.

  • Houston Area Safety Council

These rigid training requirements and ongoing attention to safety in every detail of the business allow Phoenix to exceed safety standards at every turn.

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Such a serious approach to safety includes equipment, especially protective clothing. Phoenix has gone to great lengths to ensure its employees enter extreme environments armed with some of the best protection technology available. Advanced aluminized kevlar outer-shell fabrics, like the one used by Phoenix in our proprietary suit, reflect 95% of incident radiant energy. The fabric technology outperforms most offerings against ASTM standard F1939. This test uses a lamp to generate radiant energy that creates temperatures of 3000 °F.