Visual & Thermal Inspections

Prevent potential issues with high heat and confined space inspection.

High Temperature & Confined Space Inspection Services

Phoenix offers both visual and thermal inspection capabilities in normal, high temperature and IDLH environments.

Protected by proprietary suits, our team will safely and effectively document the condition of your equipment in high heat environments. We complete inspections while your equipment is online and capture video or photographic evidence of a possible breakdown or equipment malfunction. We identify areas of concern, evaluate their severity and recommend necessary or preventative work.

With numerous OSHA and other professional safety certifications, we can safely conduct OSHA confined space inspection services in an area with or without other hazards present. Our highly trained team records the condition of your equipment, notes areas of concerns and makes recommendations for action items. Our technicians also receive OSHA confined space training  to ensure that confined space requirements are followed in order for there to be maximum safety for everyone.

Many clients include Phoenix in their process improvement plans to minimize risks and proactively address potential issues.

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