Steam Line & Expansion Joint Repair

Emergency steam line and expansion joint repair and maintenance

Why Online Steam Line and Expansion Joint Repair?

Broken or ineffective steam lines and expansion joints can cause inefficiencies or health & safety risks. With online repairs, you can avoid shutdowns, prevent lost production and mitigate hazards. We work to improve your bottom line with a quick-response team that can deploy to your facility anywhere in the US within 24 hours.

Shielded by proprietary PPE that can withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees F, our team has earned multiple safety certifications and completed extensive training to conduct your expansion joint or steam line repair effectively.

With each work scope, we follow your procedures, our internal protocols and all regulatory statutes, so you can ensure health, safety and environmental compliance. You can count on Phoenix for a complete repair, not a workaround, so your facility is back to operation at maximum productivity – fast.

We repair all types of pipe expansion joints, which can fail due to corrosion, excessive pressure, deterioration of hardware or improper installation, support or anchoring. Pipe expansion joints are made to help accommodate movement in industrial piping systems caused by thermal and mechanical changes. They’re necessary in pipelines that transport high temperature substances and can be made of steel, rubber, fabric or plastic.

We complete a variety of scopes of work on pipes carrying steam, whether they are used for heating or cooling purposes or in other processes.

Wear and tear, dirt and pressure surges can all contribute to a steam line failure or malfunctioning of one of its parts, including the steam isolation valve, steam strainer, check valve, steam trap and drip down leg. We’ll safely and effectively complete needed work to improve steam quality, ensure stable steam injection and make steam usable in all processes.

Types of Expansion Joint and Steam Line Repair

We’ll conduct repairs and preventative maintenance on all types of pipelines, joints and related parts including:

Steam line valve repair

Steam line tube repair

Expansion joint repair

Piping repair

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