Oil Refineries

Avoid shutdowns and lost production at your oil refinery with online repair and maintenance.

Oil Refinery Online Maintenance & Repair

Malfunctioning or inefficient equipment can severely impact production, but complete oil refinery shutdowns are costly.

We have a solution – Protected by proprietary suits, our team will enter high heat or confined spaces to complete your repairs while your equipment remains online.

Our technicians routinely work in temperatures exceeding 400 degrees, so you eliminate cooling time and minimize lost production.

Our expertise in oil and gas refineries includes online Fin Fan maintenance, burner change-outs, FCCU repair, catalyst line work, valve replacement, ID and FD fan balancing, hopper clean-outs and other routine tasks in IDLH environments.

What may take days in a typical oil and gas refinery shutdown process, we can complete in a matter of hours. Make downtime a thing of the past with Phoenix High Temperature Repair and call us for emergency maintenance.

With our refinery inspection services, you gain all the photo and video evidence you need of a possible breakdown or equipment malfunction. We’ll identify areas of concern, evaluate levels of severity and recommend any needed or preventative repair work all while following all oil & gas refinery regulations.

Examples of our work:

• One of the largest refineries in Canada had an issue with multiple CO boiler leaks. The company brought us in to weld these leaks while the boiler stayed in production. Our team worked every day for over three months, successfully repairing every leak, saving millions of dollars a day in downtime.

• One of our clients in the East had a clogged flare pilot. The refinery asked us to safely remove the pilot and lower it so their maintenance department could restore it while the flare was still in service. Once restored, Phoenix reinstalled it, which allowed the plant to continue with uninterrupted production.

• A large refinery in Beaumont, Texas, had a fuel gas line leaking that auto-ignited when they removed the fire suppression to install a clamp over it. Given the risk of auto-ignition as soon as they removed the deluge from the immediate area, they asked Phoenix to install the clamp for them. We performed this request safely and without incident, avoiding a critical shutdown.

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