Power Plants

Avoid costly downtime and lost production with high-temperature power plant inspection and repair.

We're always on call, and we can deploy anywhere in the US or Canada within 24 hours

Malfunctioning or inefficient equipment can severely impact production, but complete power plant shutdowns for repairs or maintenance are costly.

Phoenix has a solution – Shielded by proprietary PPE, our highly trained team will enter high heat or hazardous environments to safely conduct coal-burning power plant repair services while your equipment remains online.

Our expertise includes SCR vacuuming, deslagging screens, balancing ID and FD fans, fixing leaks in boiler penthouses, removing fly ash from hoppers and replacing valves.

For every job, we follow our stringent safety procedures, your internal protocols and all regulatory requirements. We have numerous safety certifications from OSHA and other organizations and maintain a spotless track record of safety and performance.

You communicate your goals and requirements, and we’ll effect a thorough repair and restore your coal-burning power plant to its maximum efficiency, in record time.

During a thorough power plant inspection, we collect solid evidence of a possible breakdown or equipment malfunction. We identify areas of concern, evaluate their severity and recommend any necessary power plant repair work so your facility can continue to operate at full capacity.

We quickly examine every work scope request using our four pillars of qualification: Safety, quality, cost and schedule. We’ve embedded this process in our system so we can respond to your requests as efficiently as possible when each minute matters.

  • Following all applicable power plant safety measures and regulations is essential, even in emergencies. First, we evaluate whether we can perform the work scope safely and assess all the known risks against our matrix.
  • When we determine we can mitigate all the risk factors, we evaluate whether we can deliver a quality fix.
  • Then we look at cost – the client determines if the cost is justified, and we look for ways to keep the costs down during the job execution.
  • Finally, we look at the schedule and evaluate whether we can complete the work scope within the required timeline, whether hours or weeks. This system ensures that when you need an answer fast, we respond rapidly.
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Our team is always ready to go and can deploy to your job location within 24 hours.

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