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How Online Boiler Repair Prevented Production Interruptions at a Power Company


A power generation station in central Texas was experiencing a major failure in one of the station’s boiler doors and were facing a potential full boiler shut down because casing and the door had failed through material weakness and heat. This created large voids between the boiler door, cooling system and boiler insulation. Due to the threat of losing the boiler production, forecast for local heat and an extremely tight time frame shutting down the boiler for repair was not a option. Radiant heat from boiler skin combined with difficult scope, and failing insulation kept onsite maintenance crews from starting the scope to complete repairs.

Technical Assessment

Phoenix High Temperature Repair crew members used proprietary PPE during work site inspections. Boiler casing and insulation inspection, complete with risk assessment, egress plan and repair were planned with client management.

Solution: Online Boiler Repair

The Phoenix team, skilled in boiler repair, worked quickly and safely to remove insulation, the boiler door unit and casing. Our team then replaced the door with casing over the void where the door had been completely closing off gaps in boiler casing. This was completed with approved mechanical and sealing weld procedures in high heat and IDLH environments. Once casing was completed, we insulated new casing area with refractory insulating materials.


This work scope was a success, and the client was able to continue power production without any interruptions and met their deadline for volume and forecast. The cost savings and repair while their facilities remained online allowed the client to continue providing utilities to the local area without interruption for the foreseeable future.

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